Where Learners Become
Global Teachers

Sunny Earth Academy harnesses the power of literacy and the global community to cultivate multiliterate individuals.

Sunny Earth Academy envisions a global sharing of engaging language learning resources. By harnessing the power of the web and our global community, we provide our learners with fun and free opportunities to become literate in multiple languages.


Sunny Earth Academy views multiliteracy as one of the most important elements to ensure success in life. We value the power of literacy in other languages to improve literacy in native tongues. We believe that children worldwide will benefit from the opportunity to learn other languages starting at birth. We value the importance of literacy in various areas in addition to language learning (e.g. physical literacy, digital literacy).

We believe in the power of the global community to help us create the Sunny Earth Academy. The Academy only exists through collaboration, cooperation and community efforts. We believe that if you join us on this learning adventure, together we will create positive change in literacy education for our global community.


Everyone has something positive to teach the world. Let's harness the power of the web to share our talents of teaching language to young learners! Create your own learning file and share it with us on the Sunny Earth Community page. We will share your learning link in our Learning Resources section. If you share a YouTube video with us, we will add it as a favorite on our YouTube Channel and allow time for global feedback. Learn from constructive criticism and use helpful comments to improve your future lessons. Our initial efforts teach French, Spanish and English.


Kevin and I have been married for ten years and have two children. Our daughter, Soleil is four-years-old and our son, Geo, is two-years-old. Kevin and I agreed that I'd speak only in French to our children. Sometimes, we share our silly French learning songs and games with our little nephew, Travis Haines, as well as with other dear family and friends. Sunny Earth Academy will provide Soleil and Geo with opportunities to become multiliterate. The Academy will also provide children of monolingual parents, like Travis, with free avenues for language learning starting at birth.


First and foremost, our children inspire us. Sylvia Duckworth inspires us due to the amazing French and technology resources she has created and shared with the world. The Khan Academy inspires us as we are also committed to creating, collecting and sharing free educational resources. In addition there are many remarkable speakers on TED who speak passionately about global ideas we feel are inspirational and worth spreading. Finally, the parents of Travis Haines inspire us. They desire to teach their child another language even though they themselves are monolingual. We want to help.

Contact us at: contact@sunnyearthacademy.org